South Darfur: Three injured, 16 held in RSF market raid

Three people were injured, 16 others arrested, and a quantity of cash and goods seized in a raid on the market of Dato in Gireida locality, South Darfur by members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

Dato residents told Radio Dabanga that on Monday, a large force of RSF troops came from the state capital of Nyala and raided the market and districts of Dato administrative unit on the pretext of collecting weapons.

They said that the RSF troops “indiscriminately beat a large number of residents in the market and the districts with rifle butts and sticks, causing injuries to three people who were transferred to Gireida hospital”.

They allege that the RSF men stole cash and a number of mobile phones from the residents of Dato market.

The residents said that the rapid support militia arrested 16 people, including a number of notables and took them to unknown places, this along with forcing the residents to stay indoors.

Elders of Dato administrative unit suggest that the raid was carried out against the backdrop of the RSF accusing Dato residents of being members of the opposition (Torabura), as well as being behind the events between the localities of Gireida and Yassin in which two people were killed and another was injured on Saturday.

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