Defying MPs should face disciplinary committee – Museveni

On Friday evening, 317 Members of Parliament who voted for the amendment of the constitution were invited to dinner by President Yoweri Museveni at State House, Entebbe.

According to the NRM parliamentary caucus vice chairperson Solomon Silwany, this was to show appreciation for a job well done.

“I think it was clear and good for the President to call members of his family together to say thank you, because they struggled hard to pass the age limit bill,” he said in an interview with NTV.

Silwany said that President Museveni, who is the chairperson of the NRM, also addressed the matter of some MPs going against the party line and voting against the bill.

He said it is expected that people will disagree on matters of historical importance, and parting ways is normal.

“This is normal, at every historical event; you must part ways with some people. The same happened in 2001 and 2006,” Silwany said.
He also stressed that MPs who voted against the amendments are to face disciplinary action because they went against the party consensus.

“Members of parliament, this time round there must be disciplinary action because you went against the party decision,” Silwany said quoting President Museveni’s words at the dinner.

Meanwhile, he quashed reports that the MPs received money to vote for the amendment.

The Bill now waits to be assented by the President; however, the Opposition have said they will challenge it in court.

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rezen Dec 24, 2017 at 9:13 pm

Subject: “Defying MPs should face disciplinary committee – Museveni” By Daily Monitor, Dec 24, 2017

Commentary, 24 DEc 2017
“Defying MPs should face disciplinary committee – Museveni ” In that case, first and foremost, the Honorable, President and Dictator of Uganda must honour his words and face disciplinary committee of the GOOD People of Uganda for defying the ultimate human rights of the Ugandan People. for the last thirty odd years at the helm of power. Isn’t that fair and square? But to quote the immortal words of a Representative of USA at the UN, jabbing at the USSR Representative: “HELL WILL FREEZE BEFORE WE GET AN ANSWER” from the Honourable President, Dictator for Life, and Owner of the territory of Uganda.


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