Rwanda: Christmas Day: 50 babies born in eight hospitals

At least 50 babies were born in various hospitals across the country on December 25, the day when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Statistics from at least eight hospitals sampled across the country show that among the babies born on Christmas Day, 29 are girls.

Hospitals sampled by The New Times are Kibagabaga District hospital, Kigali Central Teaching Hospital (CHUK), Muhima Maternity Hospital, Ruhengeri district hospital in Musanze District, Rwamagana District Hospital located in Rwamagana district, Kacyiru District Hospital, and Nemba District Hospital in Burera District and Byumba District Hospital in Gicumbi District.

Mothers expressed their joy of giving birth on Christmas Day; some named their children in accordance with the day.

Odette Uwizeye, 34, delivered her third child on Christmas Day at around 12 pm from Kibagabaga District Hospital and she immediately named baby Noella Uwase Ndanyuzwe.

“I’m very happy. My daughter has been born on the same day as Jesus Christ. As a Christian I believe this is a miracle from God,” said the new mother.


Odette Uwizeye poses with her new baby at Kibagabaga hospital. / Timothy Kisambira

Uwizeye who is a catholic believer, said she will raise her baby girl in accordance with Christian values.

Lucie Uzayisenga 29, who was also found at Kibagabaga Hospital, said she delivered her second baby boy around 1pm.

Even if she couldn’t go to church on Christmas, she said she prayed from her bed in the hospital.

“It’s a sign that Jesus is with us and I have to raise my son following through his path. The message to all parents and mothers is that they have to raise well their children, if not, they shouldn’t think of delivering babies,” she said.


One of the new babies that were born on Christmas at Kibagabaga. 50 babies were born from the eight sampled hospitals across the country. / Timothy Kisambira

Kacyiru district Hospital delivered the most babies (15), followed by Byumba District Hospital (9) while Muhima Hospital conducted delivery of eight babies.

Seven babies were delivered from Kibagabaga District hospital, the same number delivered from Nemba while at CHUK, five were born, three at Rwamagana Hospital and two at Ruhengeri Hospital.

The Director of Kacyiru District Hospital, Dr Pascal Nkubito said it’s joy to see newborns on Christmas.

“We welcome them and congratulate the mothers, but we also always take the opportunity to advise them to practice family planning,” said Nkubito, adding that in a month of November the hospital delivered around 600 newborn babies.

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