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Ethiopia: Lalibela Monolithic Churches’ Rehabilitation to Start Soon

ADDIS ABABA– Negotiation is underway between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and United Nations Education Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) to find lasting solution to the threats facing the Lalilbel’s monolithic Rock-Hewn Churches.

Years ago, a metal roof was erected as temporary solution to protect possible cracks and damages caused by sun slights. But the shelter has not been removed for several years.

Some residents fear that the protective shield could be damaging to the churches, Getu Asefa, UNESCO Cultural Program Officer told The Ethiopian Herald. Negotiation is ongoing between the ministry and UNESCO to put in place other mechanisms that were proved effective in other churches such as Bete Geberael and Bete Rufael.

The metal shelters were meant to shield the churches from winds and sun light and should have been removed earlier as possible collapses may damage the churches.  Accordingly the ministry and UNESCO are working to find lasting solution to conserve the marvelous world heritage.

Study has been finalized to select proper mechanisms to rehabilitate and conserve the churches. Engineering finance has been prepared and there will be announcement of bidding very soon to start work on rehabilitation. Hence, UNESCO would provide technical assistance and may help the country solicit financial resources. generating 300 MW wind power. The ministry also  commences negotiation and bidding process to generate power from sun light. The projects include Metahera (Central Ethiopia), Mekelle (Northern Ethiopia), Dichoto (North Eastern Ethiopia) and Gad (Eastern Ethiopia).

While some 7.2 MW is produced currently from geothermal, yet it is very low compared to the potential. “A final agreement is reached to produce 1000 MW at Corbetti and Tulu Mojo projects, each producing 500 MW.”

Wind energy taken to be a major energy source, says Bizuneh:”The ministry has planned to set up two wind farms. The first farm, ‘Aisha II’ is under construction. The financial difficulty to commence the construction of the second project ‘Asela’ was resolved as agreement was reached with the government of Denmark to finance it.

Unprecedented in the past, the ministry has also opened the door for the private sector to invest and engage in the production of energy while the government still controls the distribution, as to Bizuneh.

Recently, Ethiopia has launched the very ambitious project of national electrification program to make electricity accessible in all parts of the country.

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1 comment

rezen Dec 30, 2017 at 4:34 am

Subject: “Ethiopia: Lalibela Monolithic Churches’ Rehabilitation to Start Soon”, By The Ethiopian Herald
Dec 29, 2017

Commentary, 29 Dec 2017
Wonderful News. Lalibela is the RICHEST History of Ethiopia — and of AFRICA.

But extreme caution is in order: Our Africa is Africa. Let us NOT continue fabricating and/or shying away from the truth. We have seen so many development projects in Africa just to impress other nations and for >>> wink, wink, wink <<>> “once upon a time there was an honest business gentleman……. STOP STOP RIGHT THERE said the listener: “there is not such thing as an honest businessman: and the joke ended right there.

Undertaking a project of the magnitude of Lalibela requires a giant and deeply educated and experienced individuals, dedicated for the mammoth undertaking. The work is done NOT to make money but to restore the ancient history of Lalibella.

There are very few [saying it generous] companies in the World who really and deeply care about BLACK AFRICA. Many embarrassing, tragic, examples can be given. Africa has the most degrading image around the Globe. NO NATION around the Globe takes Africa seriously, as equal partners, in any business except through the legendary ‘under the table exchanges’ in each and every ladder of the Business.

An angry African — in a blind defense of Africa — may proudly raise the ‘under-the-table’ business that are being undertaken in developed countries. If that is the consolation that Africans strive for in Life, then the debater in favour of Africa will take that angle of debate to rest for ever. It is like a shabby dressed person being satisfied with his shabbiness because another person from the so-called “civilized” countries is also shabbily dressed!!! In other words. if it is good for my master, it is good for me– under any circumstances.

Good Luck to the Ethiopian Officials who would be honoured to be assigned such a gigantic historical task on the ancient Church of Lalibela.

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