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Kampala: Businessman Arrested for Hiring People to Kill Wife

Police at Old Kampala Police station have in detention a man alleged to have been planning to kill his wife over family business.

The suspect identified as Christopher Salongo Katalyebwa, 48, a resident of Kyengera in Wakiso district has been arrested after police was tipped that he had contracted someone to hire people to kill his wife, police said in a statement.

According to the statement, “the suspect was planning to kill his wife Nalongo Josephine Namukisa, a mother of his four children with intent to selfishly inherit all family riches accumulated in the past 18 years of marriage.”

The two have been working together at their family shop located on Skylight Shopping Arcade along Nakivubo Road in Kampala City, the statement says.

Old Kampala DPC ASP Grace Nyangoma said that it was a boda boda rider who took the team of the alleged contracted killers to oversee the gruesome mission who tipped police.

After getting that information, Nyangoma dispatched cops to arrest Katalyebwa.

The kiillers were paid Shs1 million, according to Nyangoma. Before the execution, Katalyebwa wanted to travel to Nairobi to avoid being suspected.

Police said that they have “established that the couple has been having family misunderstandings and matters were also before probation offices at Mwanga II Court.”

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