Half of Ugandans poor and unhappy with economy

More than half of Ugandans are living in poverty and lack what to eat due to food insecurity.

This is according to research findings released by Twaweza, a ten-year citizen-centered initiative, focusing on large-scale change in East Africa

The survey, carried out by Sauti Za Wananchi using a mobile phone survey, further found out that 84 percent of Ugandans are not happy with the state of the economy.

Releasing the survey findings in Kampala on Thursday, the lead researcher Ms Marie Nanyanzi said 85 percent of Ugandans reported in the last three months to have gone a whole day without food while 67 percent had nothing to eat completely yet they were hungry.

She also said food insecurity was reported to be high in rural areas at 51 percent compared to urban areas at 45 percent. Karamoja and the central region were registered as areas with the highest problem of food insecurity.

“In Karamoja, 5 out 6 residents spend a whole day without food which accounts to 85 percent and the central region at 75 percent,” said Ms Nanyanzi.

In terms of financial inclusion, the report found out that Ugandans are not happy with direction the economy is taking since 1 out of 5 citizens reported to not having enough income to meet their daily needs.

The report further finds out that 16 percent of Ugandans have bank accounts yet 30 percent of them have taken loans in the past five years with majority of them being men accounting for 40 percent.

This survey was carried out in October 2017 covering 19000 respondents under the theme “Under pressure, Uganda’s opinions and experiences of poverty and financial inclusion.”

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