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Ethiopia: Premier Replacement – Urgent, Constitutional, Democratic

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, EPRDF, the country’s ruling coalition, is to choose a new chairperson by next week who would by default assume the premiership

. Politicians and the former President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia-FDRE called for urgent, constitutional and democratic leadership take over.

Shiferawu Shigute, Head of EPRDF’s secretariat said in a recent press conference that the front has long followed such democratic processes and no threat to position disagreements.

The front’s inherent democratic character with regard to the internal decision making and the selection of the leadership is well known for its democracy, lawfulness, collaborative decision making and prioritizing the peoples of Ethiopia.

He added that the party is very stable to forward the ongoing development activities, enhance the democratic system development with the registered double-digit economic growth.

It is also working to its maximum to reduce the youth unemployment through creating job opportunities with the development collaborators.

Former President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia-FDRE and retired politician Dr. Nagaso Gidada called on the front to implement its constitutional and democratic culture to replace its Chairperson who would be the nation’s Premier by default.

Dr. Negasso said that replacing the Prime Minister should take no longer than a week. The replacement has to be done urgently, constitutionally and democratically, he emphasized.

He further called on the Front to live up to the provisions of its registered laws by any means. And the youth with the community must consider the assignment of the new leader for the peace, democracy and development of the nation.

The constitutional setup of governance in FDRE is the parliamentary system of governance that focuses on the party that the individual represents rather than the individual candidate.

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