Museveni prescribes ‘course in telephoning’ to ease Uganda – Rwanda relations

By Africanews


Uganda’s president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has prescribed a course in telephoning as one of the solutions that could facilitate smooth relations between his country and neighbouring Rwanda.

The president was addressing journalists after holding a meeting with Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame who is in Uganda on a one day working visit.

Both presidents refuted media allegations that relations between the two countries are deteriorating over security disagreements.

A number of incidents that are being commented about in the media, many would be properly addressed if only there was better communication. We have phones, we should talk more.

‘‘You find a minister finds it very difficult to telephone another minister in Rwanda. I think we need a course in telephoning,’‘ explained President Museveni.

“A number of incidents that are being commented about in the media, many would be properly addressed if only there was better communication. We have phones, we should talk more,” he added.

Diplomatic tensions?

The Daily Monitor in Uganda reported that Museveni skipped the African Union Summit that was held in Kigali last week, because of a disagreement between the Ugandan leader’s advance security team and Rwandan security officials in Kigali.

Before that, President Kagame had skipped the East African Heads of State Summit held in Kampala on February 22 to raise funds for health and infrastructure developments.

In addition, President Museveni recently explained that recent security developments in Uganda including the reshuffling of the inspector general of Police Kale Kayihura were because the country’s security agencies had been infiltrated by foreign agents.

The media concluded that the foreign agents being referred to were Rwandan operatives working for the Kigali government.

But today, both leaders vehemently denied the conflict, arguing that the media should strive to drive debate with facts.

‘‘There’s no fundamental conflict between Rwanda and Uganda, we don’t even have a border problem like that of Kenya,’‘ said President Museveni refering to the conflict over the Migingo island in Lake Victoria.

‘‘It is always a pleasure for me to visit Uganda. Every time we meet is an opportunity to strengthen our friendship, fraternity and its our people going to benefit on what we can do together,’‘ said Paul Kagame.

The meeting was attended by several officials from both governments including Uganda’s new security minister, General Elly Tumwine and Rwandan head of intelligence, Brig Gen Joseph Nzabamwita.

The foreign ministers of Uganda and Rwanda, Sam Kutesa and Louise Muishiwabo respectively, also attended the meeting that discussed other key issues including deepening cooperation in the areas of defence, energy, infrastructure development and trade.


  1. “Museveni prescribes ‘course in telephoning’ to ease Uganda – Rwanda relations” By Africanews, Mar 25, 2018
    Humour, they said, has its own effective medicinal aspect. But like everything else, it has its own limit. Museveni has a way of turning into everything in the Life of Uganda and in International Affairs into comical affairs — a perfect continuous demeaning image of Africa in the so-called developed world who do not take Africans seriously but only for comical laughter. SAd, Sad, Sad.

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