Khartoum warns Juba against supporting rebels

By The Eastafrican


Sudanese President Omar Bashir has sent a stern warning to the Juba government over alleged support to groups fighting to topple the Khartoum regime.

In a public address in Kosti town in the White Nile State on Thursday, President Bashir alleged that Juba was still not living up to the promises to stop backing and offering save haven to the Sudanese rebels.

He also accused Juba of chasing away the northerners from South Sudan.

The warning comes a few days after Juba accused Khartoum of deploying troops along their common border.

South Sudanese authorities were yet to react to the warning.

The two countries have been accusing each other of supporting rebels from either side.

The relations between Juba and Khartoum have remained shaky since the split of Sudan into two in 2011.

Both Sudan and South Sudan continue to face internal rebellion.