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Museveni donates to 20 non-existent Rukungiri groups

At least 20 groups were found not to be valid after receiving items and cash hand outs from President Yoweri Museveni following head verification by the Statehouse comptroller Ms Lucy Nakyobe who visited the district on Thursday April 19.

Several individuals and groups were ordered to refund the money and bring back the items that had been donated by the President after they were found to have been wrongly allocated the items.

Over 100 groups of youth, women and elderly benefited from over UShs 5B donations of cash and items by president Museveni on Sunday April 15.

Ms Nakyobe was on Thursday in the district to verify the benefiting groups and officially handover vehicles that had been taken back to Kampala for registration.

“I want to assure you there is nobody who will take anything that does not belong to him, this is not a mere donation, the President wants to take people out of poverty we cannot allow thieving,” Ms Nakyobe said.

The Rukungiri Resident District commissioner Mr Martin Mugabe had earlier arrested members of the Rukungiri municipality fruit vendors association and handed over Shs30M to police after they fought over the money wanting to distribute it among themselves.

At a function attended by among others Maj. Gen Jim Muhwezi the former Rujumbura county MP a head count of groups allocated the funds and several other items was conducted and some groups ordered to transfer items or money to rightful owners. Mr Mugabe said some groups were conflicting over the funding.

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