Museveni retires 11 senior UPDF officers

Kampala. President Museveni yesterday officially retired 11 UPDF officers at a function held at State House Entebbe.

The officers, some of whom joined the army in the 1960s, were promoted in March.
By the time of their retirement, most of them were not in active service. Below are their brief profiles.

Maj Gen Kasirye Gwanga. He joined the army in 1972 as an artillery officer. When NRA captured power, he was commanding an artillery unit. He has been the presidential advisor on military affairs.

Maj Gen Hussein Adda. He was an artillery commander in Dr Andrew Kayiira’s Uganda Freedom Movement. After Kayiira struck a deal with NRA in 1986, Adda was made director of supplies in NRA.

Maj Gen Joshua Masaba. He joined the army in 1966, commanded the Airforce and headed the Airforce Training School. He also served as army chief of staff.

Maj Gen Ali Kiiza. He joined the army in 1966 as an Airforce cadet. Until four years ago, he was the chief presidential pilot. He has flown Uganda’s last five presidents, including Idi Amin.

Brig Olanya Ojara. He was a UNLA commander in Masaka Barracks during the time the NRA intensified their attacks there. He later joined the NRA, became a colonel where he remained for over 16 years.

Maj Gen John Mateeka. He joined the Uganda Army in the 1960s and in 2004 he became Chairman of the First Division Court.

Brig Stephen Othieno. When he was promoted to colonel, he held the rank for 12 years until three months ago. By the time of his imprisonment in 2004, he was the deputy chief of personnel and administration.

Brig Mark Ayiasi Kodili. He joined the army as a cadet officer in 1962. He joined FRONASA in 1978, then UFM in 1979 and NRA IN 1986. He was a colonel from 2003 to March 2018.

Brig Yowasi Kiiza. For a long time, he served as UPDF’s head of signals before he was made the head of the Reserve Forces in 2011. In 2012, he was appointed chairman of the UPDF contracts committee.

Brig Jacob Musajjawaza. He was the director of supplies before being promoted in December 2003 to chief of logistics and engineering.

Maj Gen James Ssebagala. At the time of his retirement, he was the commander of Nakasongola army base.

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