Graves in Murang’a gangster granny’s home raise eyebrows

Police in Murang’a have launched in-depth investigations to establish if some of the people buried in the home of an 80-year-old woman, Wambui Muturi, who was killed alongside two men in a kidnapping saga, could be victims of the criminals.

Murang’a County Commissioner John Elungata has said that they have received information that there could be a number of people killed and buried in gangster granny’s home after failing to pay ransom to kidnappers.

Mr Elungata, who is also the chairman of the security committee, said though they understand that Wambui’s husband and four sons have been buried there, they are investigations allegations that there could be more graves at the home which had been a holding site for hostages.


“We have established that the granny has been in the kidnapping game for a long time with a syndicate that could be burying hostages who failed to pay ransom in her homestead but we have commenced probe into the matter,” Mr Elungata said.

He noted that with the death of the woman, peace and tranquillity is expected in her Irewa village of Gatundu Location since she was feared by locals who avoided the road that passes near her home.

Mr Elungata said police are pursuing two more suspects who escaped during the shootout.

“Good road network and nearness to Nairobi has been enabling criminals to operate at the granny’s residence. They have been operating in cahoots with prison wardens, convicts and ex-convicts who have been playing the role of masterminds while those outside prison have been implementing the crime. We are pursuing them,” he said.


Mr Elungata revealed that the granny was shot after trying to shield the suspects and aided two suspects with a gun to escape.

He added that the kidnap victim, Margret Waithira, was guarded in shifts with a gang dividing themselves into two groups, one during the night and the other during the day. Those who were gunned down were on the day shift.

He urged the police not to spare grannies when investigating crime, saying everyone, regardless of age, could be involved in crime.

“We have so many of them involved in criminal activities like selling bhang, illicit liquor and other criminal offences. The police should not spare them during investigations,” he said.

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