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Age limit case: Lawyer Mabirizi files appeal against Constitutional Court judgement

Lawyer Male Mabirizi has filed a memorandum of appeal against the Constitutional Court judgement in the age limit petition delivered on July 27 2018.

From the judgment, President Museveni emerged winner while Members of Parliament (MPs) and Local Councils were the biggest losers in the ruling that upheld the removal of the 75-age ceiling for the president but quashed the extension of the term of the current Parliament.

Mabirizi’s 30,692 page record of appeal was this morning delivered to the Supreme Court where it was received by Deputy Registrar Godfrey Angualia Opefeni.

Mabirizi lists 84 grounds upon which he asks the Supreme Court to overturn the majority judgment of the constitutional court.

Among the grounds, Mabirizi faults the 4 justices for failing to address themselves on the provisions of the Constitution that require the Electoral Commission to hold a referendum before carrying out any constitutional amendment.

“Under our law, an assent is one. The president only signs one signature. He can’t assent in part. And yet the Constitutional Court is saying that there is need for a referendum in respect of the MPs.

This section of the MPs was also in the act. Normally if the president wants to assent to a bill, he signs one signature and if he doesn’t agree with any of the contents of the bill, he sends it back to Parliament.

So what this tells us is there was need for a referendum but somehow it passed without one. Without a referendum that act will not pass,” Mabirizi said.

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