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Eritrea president returns to Ethiopia with visit to Amhara region

Isaias Afwerki, the Eritrean president is due to return to Ethiopia, for an official visit to the Amhara region, state-run Fana broadcasting corporate reported on Friday citing head of the regional state’s communication bureau, Nigusu Tilahun.

The visit will be the second time in two months that Afwerki is travelling to Ethiopia. He reciprocated a visit by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed to Asmara in July 2018 after the two nations ended two decades of hostilities.

An exact date has yet to be communicated but ahead of Afwerki’s visit, a delegation from the regional state will travel to Asmara. Eritrea has also not officially commented on the development.

The current development comes as Eritrea hosted a second round of peace talks between regional states in Asmara.

Officials of Amhara region entered a peace deal with an exiled group – the Amhara Democratic Forces Movement (ADFM), to resume peaceful political involvement.

The Oromia regional government had earlier reached a similar agreement in Asmara with exiled former terrorist group, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).


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