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Double blessings: Ugandans celebrate Bobi Wine release, wedding anniversary

For the last two weeks, social media timelines have been flooded with #FreeBobiWine, a hashtag coined to advocate for the release of Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament (MP) Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine who was arrested in Arua and later detained.

However, he, together with his 32 co-accused colleagues facing treason charges, were today granted bail after appearing in Gulu High Court. His ‘temporary release’ has sent waves of excitement and relief across the country.

@Ugaman01, a twitter user rejoiced saying, “History has been made today 27th August; On top of @HEBobiwine being released from jail, today is Bobi Wine and Barbie’s (Bobi Wine’s wife) 7th year marriage anniversary.”

On Facebook, Nassuuna Eliza Betty said, “I believe this is the Lord that the Lord has made…we will rejoice in it…I still have hope…things are going to turn out well.”

Simon Wolfe, another twitter user commended Bobi Wine’s lawyers on a job well done.
“BOBI RELEASED ON BAIL!! This is not over by any stretch of the imagination but this is a wonderful victory. Full credit to his incredible lawyers @nickopiyo I’m looking forward to hearing from Bobi our Ghetto president.”

Cera Dianie Kibuuka brought it all down to fate in a Facebook post saying, “This day is blessed for Kyagulanyi family first their anniversary and now he is free once again…same day he composed a nice song for his wife,” while Martha Ssali simply used gospel song lyrics to express her joy,

“Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness my God that’s who you are. I know you will make a way #FreeBobiWine.”

In a cheeky post, Lynn Aheebwa advised Kyambogo University students to end their no-shower protest.
“Kyambogo students you can now go and bathe. Bobi Wine has been freed. Thank you for participating in #FreeBobiWine,”
Some of the students had vowed not to bathe until Bobi Wine is released.

Roberto Hanks Ssebandeke said, “Thanks Lord for the first step, then now we start the poisonous struggle. Let us know the infections that Hon. BOBI WINE was injected with ….”

Comedian Pablo Kimuli thanked Kenyans for staging Bobi Wine protest in their own county.
“Asante sana to all the Kenyans that joined the call to #FreeBobiWine Come to Uganda any day, any time and party any way you want!”

Evelyn Kabahuma: “I wish him a quick recovery! Also praying for the others who haven’t received bail…I wonder why?”

Meddie K Kalungi: “Woooow!!! People power is more powerful than the dictator in power #M7MustGo”

Jack Sylvester: “Now let him receive treatment before embarking on fight for justice”

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Mugisha Muntu however called upon the public not to give up the fight as other activists are still being detained.

A few were, however, concerned about Bobi Wine’s safety and means of transportation as he was transported in an ambulance from Arua to Kampala.

Aisha Kai: “One of the family members should drive that government ambulances. Either Barbie the wife or Eddy Yawe the brother. Otherwise anything can happen. Bosco is dangerous.”

Steven Phillo Musoke: “The Parliament /Government can’t even avail a chopper Ambulance for the affected MPs , The distance is too long for their complicated Health.”

Stanley Kay Jacobs: “Pipo should check the ambulance car before set off whether breaks are working well to avoid any accidents..I’m really concerned.”

Harrinaz Naz: “People watch the ambulance very closely because Bosco is losing the battle you know what he did to Hon Namboze”

By Daily Monitor

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