Justice Mutonyi asks government to ban shrines

A High Court judge has asked government to ban shrines throughout the country as a measure to check rampant cases of human sacrifice.

“We should not only look at stopping this evil of child sacrifice but look at the genesis of this problem. I work in Mukono where shrines (owners) thrive and camouflage as traditional healers while using funny things like blood. Parliament should enact a law to ban shrines in this country,” said Mukono Resident Judge Margaret Mutonyi.

She said shrines have no place in the modern world.
“If I had powers, I would have ordered immediate demolition of all shrines to get rid of this evil since they are semi-permanent structures where owners can easily be compensated,” she added.

Justice Mutonyi was sharing her testimony last Saturday at the 2018 Hope Event in Kampala where she urged government to put in place a plan to support survivors of ritual sacrifice.

“We are faced with this brutality but those who are still alive have no body parts and are suffering even when their tormentors are punished. But with the looming amendment (in the laws), they should include psycho-socio support to victims and treatment by government,” the judge advised.

A local advocacy body, Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM), organised the event to raise awareness about growing child sacrifice that has claimed unquantified lives, especially children and women.

At the same function, Daily Monitor journalist Ephraim Kasozi, some senior police officers and state attorneys were recognised for their passionate advocacy against child sacrifice and trafficking during execution of their respective professions.

Mr Mondo Kyateeka, the commissioner-in-charge of children affairs at the Gender ministry, commended KCM for leading the fight to end human sacrifice and sensitising the public about its dangers.

“This event has brought different stakeholders to learn, enhance and audit the efforts and to identify gaps to stamp out the gruesome act. It is sad that in the 21 Century, ritual sacrifices are still existing in our societies and homes,” Mr Kyateeka lamented.

“Sacrifice of children in guise of looking for wealth is a myth because wealth is a result of investment,” he said.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Justice Mike Chibita urged the public to join the fight against human sacrifice.

“It takes a village to raise a child, let us continue with that role and strive to protect the children,” he said and appealed for a legal procedure to eliminate ritual sacrifice.

Arrested. Recently, six witch doctors were arrested after five human bodies and a skull believed to be of a child were retrieved from their shrines in Kayunga District. They have been remanded on murder charges.

By Daily Monitor

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