FDC moves to kick out pro-Muntu officials

Kampala. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has asked all pro-Muntu Mugisha party officials to declare their support and resign immediately so that they can fill the positions.

Gen Muntu, the immediate past FDC president, broke ranks and last week announced New Formation as a holding political ground as he and colleagues fine-tune a new political party that he said would be launched before Christmas.

“All those who want to go with Muntu should publically announce their departure and also inform the party that they are leaving so that we can replace them,” the FDC spokesperson, Mr Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, said.

Free to leave
Mr Ssemujju said there should be no fence-sitters in the political contestation because “everyone is free to go anytime.”

The fall-out within Uganda’s largest Opposition party has resulted into finger-pointing among members over who is genuine and or a mole.

Gen Muntu was accused of being a spy, only for then FDC official Rurangaranga Rubaramira, who pilloried him, to make a dramatic return to the ruling NRM.

In a parting shot, Gen Muntu, a former army commander, said time will tell who the true moles in FDC are.
His disclaimer has done little, if anything, to change the opinion about him with the party.

Addressing journalists yesterday, Mr Ssemujju said officials cannot be on two sides; serving FDC and Gen Muntu simultaneously.

Gen Muntu said difference of opinion between him and allies, advocating for building of the party’s grass-root structure, and the current President Patrick Amuriat and team, who espouses defiance, had become irreconcilable.

“We do not do so (break away) in anger or animosity towards the current leadership, but in careful consideration of the national cause of liberating our country,” Gen Muntu told a press conference last week.

Caught unawares
In the run up to the open split, the retired general met Mr Amuriat at Fairway Hotel in Kampala but jumped ship, according to FDC, without giving the party executives a chance to discuss his nationwide consultations report he had shared with the party president.

In an unrelated development, FDC announced yesterday that it planned to hold a conference at its Najjanankumbi headquarters to brainstorm on Uganda’s past, and future prospects, as part of its activities to mark the October 9 Independence Day.

By Daily Monitor

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