Legislators take on police over assassination alert

Kampala. A number of Members of Parliament (MPs) have questioned the police’s motive in issuing an alert about threats to their lives.

While some said it is alarmist, others argued that it could be a premeditated plan to bump off some politicians and then blame it on nameless individuals.

Another said the government could be laying ground to asking Parliament to appropriate more money for ‘security’.

“That [Ministers and Members of Parliament are being targeted for elimination this month] is a reckless statement. Maybe you are going to kill people.

If I am [shot] I will take it that it is the police that did it,” Ms Cecilia Atim Ogwal, the Dokolo District Woman Representative, said yesterday.

Mr Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi, the Butambala MP, said if it is true that the killers are hell-bent on killing Members of Parliament, the police should have communicated to them instead of rushing to the media.

“Once you communicate generally, the attackers change tactics or pick other targets. Is the alert a justification for more [financial] resources?” Mr Kivumbi said.

He added: “Let us not think this is not a pointer; that they are preparing to shoot a prominent opposition politician and say ‘we issued an alert’. I think the [police] alert is a smokescreen for reasons I have given.”

Mr John Baptist Nambeshe, the Manjiya County Member of Parliament, said there is nothing substantial the police are doing to secure MPs.

“What one would have expected from the police and intelligence services is to demonstrate by word and deed that they have uncovered the racket of those behind the killing of Ugandans,” Mr Nambeshe said.

“Merely monitoring the suspected attackers does not make sense; let [police] arrest the suspects. In Kurumira’s killing, the suspects were police officers. Even the motorcycle used belonged to the police. Fingers are pointing at the force. Can we see some of their own arraigned in court?” he added.

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Ms Betty Aol Ocan, said she only learnt of the threat through the media and that MPs would raise the matter during today’s sitting.

Last month, at least two legislators, Ms Connie Nakayenze Galiwango (Mbale District Woman) and Mr William Nzoghu (Busongora North) said people they did not know were trailing them.

Later, the immediate former Leader of the Opposition, Ms Winnie Kiiza, said some armed individuals were lurking around her Kasese home. The army dismissed her fears.

Ms Ogwal said whereas Parliament is mindful of MPs security, it does not have the financial resources to provide security for all.

By Daily Monitor

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