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I live each day as if it’s my last, says Bobi Wine

Ugandan pop star turned opposition MP, Robert Kyagulanyi, says his family fears the worst of what might happen to him although he believes what he’s doing is the right thing.

The Kyadondo East MP better known as Bobi Wine further noted that running for parliament was more of an emotional decision because it came out of desperation of not having someone to voice his concerns.

“My family fears the worst every day. It is hard, but they understand that what I am doing is right; that I have to do what I have to do. Every day, God blesses me with another day.

I live each day as if it’s my last,” Mr Kyagulanyi made the remarks while appearing on NTV Kenya’s Sidebar talk show last night.

When asked whether he plans to run for presidency, Mr Kyagulanyi said “it would be irresponsible to start talking about positions of power and presidency in the kind of Uganda we are in now. Presidency is not the issue, but what kind of presidency.”

He also noted that there’s nothing personal between him and the president.

“That is the feeling I get when we meet. I shake his hand respectfully as the president. I would hate to reduce this to just me and Museveni. This is about more than us.

This conversation should go beyond to include all Ugandans. When leaders become misleaders and our mentors become tormentors, then we must resist and fight for our rights.

When my eyes were open to injustice and oppression, my music could no longer be ordinary,” he added.

He also criticised government for failing to release and official report of what transpired in August during the Arua Municipality MP by-election which led to the shooting of his driver Yasin Kawuma.

“It is sad that we lost our brothers and then that was all, no reports or anything. But we only speak of the celebrities and many more die every day under unclear circumstances.

It shows you the state of our governance,” he said before adding that Uganda has degenerated into a military state.

“If the democracy you speak of is the one where you get beaten up for campaigning for a candidate other than the president’s candidate that is ‘democrazy’.

I wish this would be the furthest I would push this, I even wish we didn’t have to get this far, but I promised myself that I would never be a slave in my own homeland. As long as I still feel injustice, I will fight it as long as I live.”

By Daily Monitor

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