Fighting graft needs action, not words – Janet

Kampala- First Lady Janet Museveni has said Uganda’s leaders should move from lamenting about corruption to living within their means to check it.

Ms Museveni, also the Education minister, said there is a lot of talk and complaints about certain leaders and what they do at their workplaces.

“Corruption is not going anywhere unless we all go out to show…It is possible to live in a society like ours and live within your means and not be corrupt,” Ms Museveni said during the Annual Women’s Forum, organised by Parliament in Kampala yesterday.

“That is how we will fight corruption. We must fight corruption by being role models in the workplace. If our religion is merely in words, then it is useless because it will not change the world around us,” she added.

Speaking at the same event, Court of Appeal’s Justice Catherine Bamugemereire said women should not admire vices associated mostly with men.

“We need to bring onto the table values, qualities, attributes and behaviours, skills that may be desperately needed and are lacking at the high table,” Justice Bamugemereire said.

“I suggest that as women, we should choose one area where we can be identified and can develop an undisputed niche; one immediately comes to mind is integrity and the fight against corruption,” she added.

A 2008 report written by REEV Consult for the Inspectorate of Government attributed 69.4 per cent of corruption to greed, a departure from the past when low salary was the main cause.

The study said greed was largely a result of the desire to accumulate wealth in the shortest time possible.

By Daily Monitor

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