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Ethiopia PM relives his military days with protesting soldiers

At a time when some African leaders can barely walk without being closely monitored by their aides, the continent’s youngest leader is showing what it takes to hold that title.

Imagine an African leader doing press-ups surrounded by protesting soldiers allowed into the presidential compound for a meeting.

Well, that happened on Wednesday when 42-year-old Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with soldiers demanding pay rise. The photo has since gone viral on Ethiopian social media with different reactions.

Abiy has since taking office shouldered the hopes of the country’s estimated 100 million people. He is a former military man who was on peacekeeping in Rwanda at a point in his career. Incidentally, internal security is one of his biggest headaches with spreading inter-ethnic attacks.

When news from the capital Addis Ababa said armed soldiers from an elite unit had marched to the national palace, it was awaited what Abiy’s move will be. After agreeing to disarm, the soldiers met with Abiy and held constructive talks over their demands.

By Africanews

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