Rich Ugandans should mentor poor – Muyingo

Kampala. The State Minister for higher education has advised poor and jobless Ugandans to seek guidance from successful and rich Ugandans to get themselves out of poverty.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony for 291 students who graduated from the Spear Motors training centre in Nakawa, Mr John Chrysostom Muyingo, the Higher Education State minister, said it is possible for any focused person to become rich provided they choose people whom they think can become their role models to guide them on what ought to be done.

“Get a role model to mentor you. I advise you to go to Aristoc bookshop and buy the book entitled, ‘Leader without a title’. Mr Wavamunno here started as a waiter but see where he is today, employing more than 2,000 people,” he said last week.

He further explained that he sought guidance on how to make and manage money from Mr Wavamunno and the late James Mulwana who mentored him in the 1980s when he first set his foot in Kampala.

“I am also rich because of these two people. You must look up to somebody who is successful and you will all make it in life.

The developed countries you admire today are where they are because of the skills you have acquired from here,” he said.

According to Mr Wavamunno, after graduation, graduates usually get excited acquiring unnecessary expensive assets like phones, watches, cameras and engaging in drinking instead of focusing on getting a job first so that they can acquire such items, saying when he worked as a waiter, he would always tell off the people who mocked him.

“They would laugh at me that I am a waiter but I would tell them that yes I am a waiter but the bar is mine. If you get an opportunity to do unpaid internship, do you turn it down? Employers want experience where do you get it?” he said.
Job creation

Mr Wavamunno challenged the graduates saying with the automative skills they have acquired from the centre, all of them have the chances to be employed or create their own jobs because the training centre is ranked as the best in providing high quality skills for Germany technology in the region.

By Daily Monitor

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