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Government spends Shs96b on rent annually, says Museveni

President Museveni has reiterated that government is planning to erect new office structures in a gazzetted area that could see its administration units relocated from the central business in a bid to cut down government expenditure on rent arrears

According to Mr Museveni, his government spends Shs96 billion on rent for central government offices.

“Government is going to build a government campus although we have delayed because of corrupt people. Government has been losing Shs96 billion a year for paying rent for central government offices only minus those at the district level,” Mr Museveni said while commissioning the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Tower in Nakawa, Kampala.

The 22-floor building, which was constructed at a total cost of Shs139 billion tax payers money, is divided into four podiums and eighteen tower floors totalling to 26,021 square meters.

URA Tower in Nakawa, Kampala. PHOTO BY ERONIE

URA Tower in Nakawa, Kampala. PHOTO BY ERONIE KAMUKAMA

The building whose construction took four-and-a-half years provides for a car parking structure of upto 360 cars plus surface parking for 710 vehicles.

The total area of the parking structure is 12,923 square metres with five levels for parking and the sixth level designed to house a crèche for breastfeeding staff, gym, Sauna and Unisex Salon.

In his speech, Mr Museveni encouraged URA staff to remain ‘holy’ and patriotic in order to attain the Authority’s mission of growing the economy.

“I had collapsed government agencies when I was smuggling my guns [during the guerrilla struggle]. One time, I brought 12 machine guns from Tanzania through Kenya and Malaba to Kampala. I regret that.

However, that’s when I also realized that there was no government in this country…. Once we deal with issues of integrity and patriotism; will lead us to all possible ways to lead URA do their work,” he said.

By Daily Monitor

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