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Sudan protest hub: Bashir fights back, says polls the only exit option

Embattled Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir has reiterated his call for protesters to realise that the only credible way to change government is via the polls.

He has stressed this point in previous addresses at pro-government rallies held to counter the dogged anti-government protests that broke out since last December.

The Arabiyya channel quoted Bashir as saying: “The forces that are against Islam and Sudan do not support the stability of our country.”

“The doctor who was killed in Khartoum was killed by infiltrators. We have arrested rebels in Darfur who admitted to killing protesters. Investigations have proven that the death of protesters has been executed by infiltrators who want chaos.”“

“We tell the youth that the country is your country and the future is your future. Next year’s elections are not far off and we will respect the people’s choice.”

“The youth went out to express themselves but sabotaging forces hid among them and created chaos.”

Meanwhile protests continue to roil parts of the country with its attendant crackdown by members of the security forces using tear gas and live bullets to disperse protesters.

By Africanews

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