Uganda: Police arrest 17 thugs over Lugogo attacks

Kampala. Police have arrested 17 people suspected to be behind attacks on motorists and pedestrians on Lugogo Bypass, Ntinda Stretcher and Wankoko area in Nakawa Division.
Gangs have been attacking motorists stuck in traffic jam.

They hit car wind screens with stones before stealing their victims’ belongings. They have also been targeting pedestrians on Yusuf Lule Road.

“We found many with pliers and other breaking equipment. They have been operating around Wankoko on Port Bell Road near the railway line, Lugogo traffic lights and at Stretcher on Ntinda road,” the Kampala Metropolitan East Police Commander, Mr Musani Sabila, said yesterday.

The weekend operation comes days after public outcry that the areas had become risky.

The crime
Criminals have been invading congested road junctions, traffic lights points and intersections such as Lugogo, Fairway Hotel, Clock Tower and Katwe. Criminals also target golfers at the Gold Course on Yusuf Lule Road.

In 2010, crime was high at the same spots until Gen Kale Kayihura, the then Inspector General of Police, ordered a 24-hour deployment of police.

However, most police officers and patrol trucks at the road intersections were withdrawn shortly after President Museveni sacked Gen Kayihura in March last year.

The resurgence of criminals has affected business at Lugogo since many revellers and shoppers are avoiding the route for fear of being attacked.

By Daily Monitor

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