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Uganda: Opposition ignores Museveni life presidency talk

PARLIAMENT. The Opposition in Parliament has chosen to ignore the resolution of the ruling party’s Central Executive Committee, to have President Museveni “lead the State in 2021 and beyond.”

This was announced at a press conference by the Leader of Opposition Ms Betty Aol.

“Whatever they decide is not our business, we cannot respond on everything they do,” Ms Aol said.

Probed further on why she would opt for silence on a matter so central to the governance of the country, Ms Aol said that there were pertinent issues to handle, and not Mr Museveni’s push for life presidency.

“I have a lot to do. Why should I bother myself with that? It doesn’t do me any good to deliberate on what they have decided,” she said.

Like Ms Aol, Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze (DP) who doubles as the opposition’s publicist in parliament said a silent path was strategy to counter the NRM machinations.

“There is nothing new of the Chobe declaration; who didn’t know that Museveni will be a candidate in 2021 and beyond?” Nambooze asked.

While meeting at Chobe safari lodge in Nwoya district, NRM CEC members endorsed a number of resolutions to consolidate the party’s political and economic agenda, among which includes the need to maintain Mr Museveni, their party chairperson at the helm of the party and the country.

This, the members argued would foster the continued strengthening of Uganda’s socio-economic agenda.

Ms Aol and Nambooze said that they are instead pre-occupied by measures that will take the country to a democratic path.

Key on the measures, is the pursuit for electoral reforms, which the government has not tabled for debate.

Ms Aol said that she was disappointed by the inaction of the government on electoral reforms.

“When (Raphael) Magyezi brought his amendment (on age limit) it was welcome, and when it comes to electoral reforms, government has given the matter a deaf ear,” Ms Aol said.

She said that there is need to liberalise the political arena, to allow free flow of political ideas across the divide.

“The electoral laws make it difficult for those who express themselves as opposition to freely express their views in this country; it is not easy for us to push things,” she added.

Ms Nambooze said that the NRM declaration for Museveni’s sole candidature in 2021 “is a trick for this regime to keep us focusing on the next election, for us we have unresolved issues in the 2016 elections and they should form the basis for the next election.”

Whereas the opposition has already presented its interest to parliament to seek permission to bring the reforms in form of private member’s bill, the House has shelved the request until April 2019, to allow government present the reforms.

It is only after government fails, that the opposition’s request will be given an olive branch.

By Daily Monitor

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