Kenya: Rehabilitating heroin drug users in Mombasa

Drug abuse in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa continues to raise serious concerns.

Heroin is among the most consumed drugs at the rate of 5.2 percent according to the country’s National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse.

Ahmed Mohamed Said used to be a heroin user. He spends most of his time to campaign against the use of the drug at the Teens Watch Drug Rehabilitation Center.

The highly addictive drug is used in various ways. In addition to the classic injection method, it can be snorted, sniffed and smoked, depending mainly on the purity of the drug and the preference of the user.

Most of the users however share the needles and injection equipment increasing the risk of getting infected especially HIV transmissions.

The mission of this community based organisation is to rehabilitate and empower youth to explore their potential and enhance their chances for a better life, through life skill trainings and involvement in legal livelihood activities.

Helping addicts to become responsible and drug free individuals.

Said says such stories give him the urge to continue his pursuit of helping heroin addicts just as he was helped.

By Africanews

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