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Kenya: DP Ruto reads mischief in Uhuru-Raila handshake

Deputy President William Ruto has accused his rival Raila Odinga of using trickery to break Jubilee Party on the same day the ODM leader was celebrating one year since historic handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

While addressing Ganze residents at Juhudi Primary School in Kilifi County on Saturday, Dr Ruto said the ODM leader was sowing chaos in political parties.

He blamed the Orange Democratic Movement leader for the expulsion of Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa from the opposition party. Ms Jumwa has been vocal about her support for Mr Ruto quest for the presidency in the 2022 General Election.

“If we mean uniting Kenyans, then our talk must be in line with your actions. You cannot claim that you are uniting Kenyans while… you are busy dividing them. Too chase some of them in their political parties, wreak havoc in other political parties!

We cannot unite Kenyans through political deceit and hate,” said Mr Ruto.


The DP has recently exchanged harsh words with Mr Odinga after differing on the amount of money taxpayers have lost in the new mega scandal to rock the country.

Mr Ruto claimed that only Sh7 billion had been lost even though the investigative agencies claims as much as Sh21 billion was paid out for work not done.

But the DP sees Mr Odinga’s work in his newfound unity with Kenyatta following their handshake on March 9, 2018, as creating turmoil in political parties.

Mr Ruto claimed that the ODM party was harassing women and had only slapped offending male MPs on the wrist for the same offence Ms Jumwa is accused of.

“Ms Jumwa or any other MP in the country does not need any permission to work with the government of the day. There is only one government of Kenya and no politics or leader needs permission from anybody to work with the government of Kenya.

We made a decision with President Kenyatta that we shall work with every politician irrespective of where one comes from or which party because we run a government that is supposed to serve all Kenyans equally,” said Mr Ruto.


But Mr Odinga, who addressed women leaders in a Nairobi hotel on Saturday on the relevance of his handshake with President Kenyatta, said the unity deal is meant to save their legacies.

The ODM chief, contrary to claims by Mr Ruto, said his the war on corruption is not targeting individuals or communities but eradication the graft cancer that eaten at the fabric  of society for far too long with disastrous consequences.

But Mr Ruto claims his rival is out to divide Jubilee Party in the guise of uniting the country.

Ms Jumwa vowed to continue supporting the DP in his quest for the presidency even after appealing her expulsion at the Political Parties Tribunal.

“Ruto is the only option and those who know me understand the reason for the turmoil I went through in ODM.

Since the DP is the only person who has shown us the way of developing this country, he is our choice and we shall prevail. I have endured enough for the problems in ODM,” said Ms Jumwa.

By Daily Monitor

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