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Eritrea stands with Sudanese people – Afwerki sends delegation to Khartoum

Eritrea stands in solidarity with the Sudanese people was the crust of a message transmitted by a delegation that was sent on Sunday by President Isaias Afwerki to Khartoum.

“President Isaias’ message further stressed Eritrea’s confidence in the ability of the Sudanese people to find solutions to their own issues. The President of the TMC, General Alburhan, welcomed Eritrea’s initiative and briefed the delegation on developments in the country.

“Both sides affirmed their readiness to put Eritrean Sudanese relations back on track. Eritrea’s delegation is on a two-day visit to the Sudan,” the information Minister said in tweets on Sunday.

It has fallen, we won.

Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Presidential Adviser Yemane Ghebreab met the leader of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council, TMC, General Abdulfetah AlBurhan, for talks on Sunday. The same day talks resumed between the generals and the protest leaders – Forces for the Declaration of Freedom and Change, FDFC.

As at Monday, they also held a meeting with the second in command of the military junta and leader of the Rapid Support Forces, General Mohamed Hamdan Hamedti.

Eritrea is the second neighbour to send a delegation to Khartoum since Bashir was deposed. Ethiopia PM days after Bashir’s ouster issued a statement stressing that Ethiopia stood with the resilient Sudanese protesters.

Abiy’s deputy has visited Khartoum as has the Foreign Affairs chief earlier this month. South Sudan president Salva Kiir also recently expressed support for the protesters tasking meddlers to stay off the affairs of sovereign Sudan.

Eritrea’s delegation visiting the Sudan met with Deputy President of TMC, Mohamed Hamdan D. Hameidti. General Hameidti stated that current visit of the delegation signifies the end of a chapter and the beginning of a promising one in bilateral ties between Eritrea & the Sudan

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