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Opposition NUP warns of the current political congestion in Sudan

KHARTOUM — Sudan’s National Umma Party (NUP) led by Sadiq al-Mahdi warned of the current political blockage in Sudan and questioned whether an agreement between the opposition and the military council would contribute to its containment.

The NUP general secretariat said in a statement issued on Sunday that the country is living sharp political congestion culminated this week as a result of “the political strike, civil disobedience, rhetoric of exclusion and extremism, and the escalation of the military junta with a series of arbitrary decisions”.

It also drew attention to the hard-line statements, the closure of Al Jazeera’s office, the arrests, the threats to disperse the sit-in by force, and the indifference to make decisive decisions to stop the counter-revolution.

“This tension and congestion led to violent incidents in which victims were killed in the Nile Street near the sit-in area,” further said the statement.

The statement said the Party still believes that the Forces for Freedom and Change and the Transitional Military Council still committed to negotiations as a means to reach an agreement, pointing that there was no agreement yet to end the state of tension.

The opposition party further declared its rejection of any attempt to end the sit-in by force and affirmed the right of the demonstrators to sit in the protest site and to peacefully express their legitimate and declared demands.

It stressed it sees no alternative to negotiations between the military council, and the FFC to overcome the interactions and conflicts of this delicate stage.

The statement urged the military council to fulfil its responsibilities in countering the counter-revolution and to resume stalled negotiations to prevent any possible setbacks.


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