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Mombasa County to address challenges facing education, Deputy Governor says

Mombasa County Deputy Governor, Dr William Kingi has said that the devolved unit is prioritizing the tackling of challenges of education in the region.

Dr Kingi who was visiting informal settlements yesterday said they are working to ensure issues of education are addressed appropriately.

”For us to realize any meaningful development the quality of education must be enhanced observing that education is the key to the development and progress of any society,” the DG said.

Dr Kingi said they will not discriminate schools in informal settlements as far as resource allocation are concerned s they cater for children from disadvantaged background.

The DG said they are also empowering vocational training centres to equip youth with live skills and earn descent livelihoods.

The Alternative Providers for Basic Education and Training (APBET) secretary general Juma Lubambo who accompanied the DG during the visit says the county administration should support community schools with resources as they cater for pupils from poor backgrounds.

”It is upto county governments to strive to eliminate all barriers to the provision of quality education especially in slum areas,” he said.

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