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South Sudan: Government arrests 37 police officers collecting illegal money from foreigners in Juba

South Sudan government has arrested 37 police officers it said have been involved in the illegal collection of money from foreigners, the minister of interior said.

Last month, the government said it was working to arrest unnamed police senior officers for selling – illegally – residency permit stickers in several neighborhoods in Juba.

Speaking during a parliamentary sitting in Juba on Monday following his summon, interior minister, Chiangjiek Gey, said there are some few criminals in the police taking advantage of the ongoing situation in the country.

“They are mixed and some criminals in fact made their way-in into this police. We have good people, we have good officers, we have good young people but also we have many criminals,” Gey told lawmakers in Juba Monday.

He said the police has arrested 37 members of South Sudan’s CID police officers who he accused of collecting illegal money from foreigners and thus breaking the law.

“We have arrested so many of them, now we have 37 officers and they are in jail and we are working on dismissing them. These are the people collecting money from the foreigners, these are the people breaking the law,” Gey said.


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