Uganda: Museveni to fund taxi operators, bodas

Taxi operators, market vendors and boda boda cyclists are among the 16 categories of businesses that President Museveni is to directly give funds under the presidential initiative which is to be rolled out at district level.

President Museveni has been under intensive criticism by supporters of National Resistance Movement for giving out money to groups in Opposition strongholds such as Kampala City and Wakiso District, and leave out ruling party supporters.

“From today, we are going to send money to each district. Each district will have a fund for salon operators, carpenters. Each of the 16 categories will have a fund of its own,” President Museveni said yesterday at Kololo Independence Grounds, where he passed out 7,000 youth who had undergone a six-month skilling training.

The 16 groups also include market vendors, artisan, musicians, cottage operators, food vendors, mills that process foodstuff and others.

President Museveni started giving funds to such groups in Kampala City and last month, each city division was given Shs500m to cater for the 16 groups.

Some groups such as taxi operators and youth from Kamwokya were given the same amount in their savings associations.

This triggered dismay from his supporters in rural districts saying they wouldn’t vote from him in the coming general elections.

The ruling party has intensified their campaign among the youth since Kyaddondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, who has a big following among the young, declared that he would stand for president in 2021.

President Museveni said the funds will empower the people to start making products that the country has been importing.

He said importing products that can be made in Uganda is donating money and jobs to foreign countries.
“If you haven’t made shoes from here, we are going to buy them from Italy,” he said.

The Minister for Kampala City, Ms Beti Kamya, said the skilling and funds given to the youth are part of their efforts to strengthen President Museveni’s electoral base in urban areas and keep him in power beyond 2021.

“I prophesied that President Museveni will get 85 per cent in Kampala in the next election. People laughed at me, but this is one of the signs that the President is on ground. ….Mzee, you have stamina,” Ms Kamya said.

By Daily Monitor 

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