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Besigye: Corrupt Ugandans walked while those fighting corruption were blocked

Former president of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party, Dr Kizza Besigye has described President Museveni anti-corruption walk as a parade of the most corrupt Ugandans.

“What’s happening today is a good demonstration of a captive state because you saw that the city was surrounded by gunmen ensuring that whatever they want to happen is what happens.

I understand there has been a march in town of public servants; people that we pay who are the problem of this country, involved in public sector corruption.

Today, we have a demonstration of the corrupt, headed by the chief corrupt person, Mr Museveni himself. It’s the parade of the corrupt.

What we wanted to do was to precisely label them to show who they were. To show that these were the problem. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in blocking the whole city.

However, I think the statement is made that on one side of the guns are the corrupt and on the other side are those they are stealing from,” Dr Besigye told journalists on Wednesday after he was intercepted by police at Mpererwe as he tried to lead a procession in the city centre during President Museveni’s abti corruption walk in Kampala.

The walk led by Mr Museveni started at around 8.30 am from the Constitution Square to Kololo Ceremonial Grounds where the main event took place and was aimed at intensifying the fight against corruption.

He was accompanied by ministers, Members of Parliament, members of civil society organizations and religious leaders among others.

“It should demonstrate to the people of Uganda that corruption can never end, unless we defeat those guns because make no mistake, in a country like Uganda it’s not corruption.

It’s armed robbery. What goes on is nothing but armed robbery and sometimes very literally. I’m sure you know how many times Mr Museveni has raided Bank of Uganda without the approval of Parliament.

At one time taking more than Shs2trillion,” added the four-time presidential aspirant.

Dr Besigye left his home which was previously under police siege to go and participate in a parallel anti-corruption walk.

At around Mpererwe in Wakiso District, police blocked the car in which he was travelling and towed it back to his home.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Mr Patrick Onyango said they were trying to contain the traffic in the city but would give more details about the matter with time.

“You know the traffic in the city is too bad. We are trying to contain it. Let me find out more information about the subject and I will get back to you,” Mr Onyango said.

The traffic in the city came to a standstill after several roads leading to and outside the city centre were sealed off and cars restricted as President Museveni marched to Kololo in one of his efforts to stamp out corruption that has cost the country billions of shillings.

By Daily Monitor 

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