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Uhuru vows to continue leading Jubilee despite threats

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced his decision to remain in politics and continue leading the Jubilee Party, despite facing threats and intimidation.

Speaking at Jubilee National Delegates Conference (NDC), Mr Kenyatta revealed that he had initially planned to step away from politics and address other pressing issues but was compelled to stay due to external pressures.

“I wanted to leave politics and deal with other issues. I had hoped to relinquish my position at such an NDC, but some people have decided to issue threats and use force,” said Mr Kenyatta, acknowledging the challenges he has encountered.

Clarifying his intentions, Mr Kenyatta addressed those who called for a change in leadership, stating, “Look for someone else, not Uhuru.”

However, he firmly declared that he would continue leading the Jubilee Party until members ask him to step down.

Reflecting on his peaceful transition of power, Mr Kenyatta expressed disappointment at the insults and derogatory remarks directed at him.

He highlighted an incident where hired goons raided his farm  and stole his sheep in a bid to intimidate him. Mr Kenyatta stressed that his commitment to peace should not be mistaken for cowardice.

Undeterred by the obstacles he has faced, he emphasized that Jubilee Party has its owners who have entrusted him with a mandate to serve.

He affirmed his commitment to continue working for the party’s interests and the people of Kenya.

Addressing recent betrayals within the party, Mr Kenyatta announced the decision to replace some individuals, emphasizing that they should have chosen the honorable path of resignation.

While acknowledging the challenges, he called for unity among party members and a collective effort to advance the party’s course.

Mr Kenyatta reiterated his support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and expressed hope for its realisation, emphasizing its significance for the people of Kenya.

The BBI, an initiative aimed at addressing various social and political issues in the country, remains a crucial agenda for the Jubilee Party.

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