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Museveni meets Theresa May in London over South Sudan, Somalia

 By our Correspondent

Kampala, Uganda- Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni today met United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May at the sidelines of the International Conference on Somalia currently taking place at Lancaster House in London.

Their meeting, according to the presidential press secretary Ms Lindah Nabusayi, is mainly on the situation in Somalia and the conflict in South Sudan, which has displaced millions of refugees into Uganda.

The international conference on Somalia which has brought together leaders of East Africa  started today in London and is organized by UK and the United Nations as part of efforts to put Somalia back on track.

Somalia is currently facing hunger and continuous attacks from the Al-Shaabab militants while South Sudan is facing Civil war since 2013 that has caused death and hunger.

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rezen May 12, 2017 at 4:55 am

Subject: Museveni meets Theresa May in London over South Sudan, Somalia, May 11, 2017

Commentary, 11 May 2017
It is an interesting news item. It is supposed to be about a meeting with respect to Somalia and South Sudan But, observe the title of the subject. It is only about the Honourable Mr Museveni, President of Uganda for Life. Observe the photo in detail. It is only about the indigenous Master of Uganda proud to be with the Prime Minister of former Colonial Power — the custodian masters of Black Africans. It is psychologically essential that African leaders of the old generation stand, or seat side by side, with the White Masters. Look at the photo, in detail, intently. It says a volume, pathetically.

Note also from the accompanying story, the conference is supposed to be about Somalia but no where in sight of any representative from that ravaged country. In fact, the reader is at a loss whether or not the Somali President or his Representative was, in fact, at the discussion! Note also, that South Sudan is mentioned but only in five words … and that is it.

From the above, we may safely conclude that the meeting was only a venue for the publicity and power hungry African personality who psychologically suffers intense insidious inferiority complex, endowed from the cruel European colonialism. The only difference between THEN and NOW is the quality and tact of enslavement. The basic conception of the White Man against the Black Man is exactly the same — never changes. What is different is the mode of application. In this manner, posing for a photo with a colonial master has a tremendous psychological factor upon the victim. Please, look at the photo, intently, in every detail. You will agree that your observation would be equivalent to a voluminous Novel on humanity. AFRICA HAS BEEN WOUNDED DEEPLY and the disastrous effect will still linger around, in various forms, to affect our future generations.

I salute the “Correspondent” of for bringing this gem of an article, loaded with incisive and elegant messages – if we (as Readers) care to SEE, to THINK, to ANALYZE, and to CONCLUDE TO BE OURSELVES, NOT PATHETIC MIMICKERS.

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