Court reinstates Jubilee MPs to House committee posts

Four Jubilee MPs who were removed from being members of committees of the National Assembly on Wednesday obtained reprieve when the High Court temporarily suspended that decision.

Justice John Mativo issued the reprieve order in a case in which Nandi Hills MPs Alfred Keter (Nandi Hills), Silas Kipkoech Tiren (Moiben), David Kangogo Bowen (Marakwet East) and James Gakuya (Embakasi North) had challenged the decision to remove them from the said positions because of allegedly defying Jubilee party’s leadership.


The four legislators sued National Assembly’s Chief Whip Benjamin Washiali, Majority leader Aden Duale and the Speaker over the row on committee posts.

In filed case documents, they claimed that they all won leadership in four different committees after being elected in polls held on December 20 but soon after they got letters from Mr Washiali and Mr Duale which stripped them their positions.

Through lawyer Frank Walukwe, they argued that the Jubilee disciplinary team did not grant them an opportunity to be heard before having them discharged from four different committees.

“Contrary to the provisions of the Standing orders, they were never informed of the pendency of the Chief Whip’s decision to discharge them from their various departmental committees neither were they given an opportunity to be heard,” said Mr Walukwe.

He added: “Additionally, Jubilee disciplinary mechanism for purposes of wild allegations made were never instigated so as to resolve on their fate prior to taking that arbitrary decision.”

During the said polls, MP Keter was elected chairman of the Labour and Social Welfare committee, defeating Bura MP Ali Wario, who was the choice of the ruling party.

Mr Tiren was elected Agriculture committee’s chairman, defeating Adan Ali of Mandera East, Jubilee’s preferred candidate.

Mr Bowen defeated Jubilee’s choice of Sofia Abdi (Ijara) for the Environment and Natural Resources committee while Mr Kosgey had attempted to run against Kieni MP Kanini Kega at the Trade, Industry and Cooperatives committee.

The legislators, together with Emgwen’s Alex Kosgey received letters on December 18 and 19 from Mr Washiali to discharge them based on allegations that they went against the Jubilee party’s position. “It remains

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rezen Dec 28, 2017 at 5:41 am

Subject: “Court reinstates Jubilee MPs to House committee posts”, By Daily Nation, Dec 27, 2017

Commentary, 27 Dec 2017
Honestly, what will be the difference to the ordinary PEOPLE OF KENYA whether MPs are rotated around, or pushed IN and OUT; UP and DOWN and even close the parliament for ever. The HONEST ANSWER is >>>NOTHING.

The Kenyan people will continue doing their business, always making sure to avoid any entanglement with the ever-watchful and suspicious Government.

The Governments interests in the entire Continent of Africa, as represented by unitary Dictators, is to keep on being at the helm of the hierarchy and amass the Wealth of the Nation with all the other peripheral privileges Period. There is no secrete about it.

The African people have been colonized by European marauders for centuries with the catastrophic result that we all know. They left paralyzed, inferior minds. It was the most inhuman, cruel, activities perpetrated by ‘civilized’ Europeans over the Black Race. Following that period of paralysis, Africa fell under hungry indigenous Dictators to enrich themselves from their Brethren THE BLACK PEOPLE. It is the most amazing phenomenon ih History.

How unfortunate >> how far, >> how low can the African people go down without exploding into pieces? If there has ever been a docile society in the history of mankind — one conjures– it must be the religious, honest, docile, obedient African Race. THE END

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