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Kenya: End blame game in graft war, Mudavadi tells courts, agencies

The blame game between judiciary and investigative agencies is hampering the war against graft, politician Musalia Mudavadi has said, and asked them to pursue unity.

Mr Mudavadi, leader of Amani National Congress (ANC), acknowledged the aggressive fight against the vice but raised concerns about disunity among the Judiciary, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“There was a national conference on anti-corruption and we must admit that the President and the people there raised fundamental points that ought to be followed,” he said.

“They are independent institutions but they must work in harmony. They should not work at cross-purposes or pull in different directions.

The President should put his best foot forward to create an environment where these critical arms do not engage in blame games. Otherwise some people will laugh their way to the bank.”


Despite the vigor that has been witnessed in the arrest and prosecution of high-ranking government officials, without convictions, doubt continues to surround the war against graft.

While the DCI and the DPP have been confident about the cases they present to the courts, the Judiciary has, on multiple occasions, hit back at investigators for not presenting watertight cases.

This has put it under intense pressure, concerns including small fines and anticipatory bails.

At the conference that ended on Friday, Chief Justice David Maraga called for an end to the blame game, saying the fight cannot be won under this circumstance.


The ANC boss further took a swipe at elected leaders whom he said have set bad examples as Kenya makes moves to tame corruption

Mr Mudavadi expressed displeasure at what he termed taking pride in involvement in crime.

“I was watching a programme the other day and there was a senior leader in this country who was taking pride in having been involved in very strange activities,” he said.

“He was taking pride in [saying that at] one time he was involved in theft. He was taking pride in telling people that they used to smoke marijuana. In other countries if you start making confessions of such a nature they would ask you to leave office.”

Mr Mudavadi spoke after a service at Our Lady of Consolata Catholic Cathedral in Nyeri Town.

The show he was referring to was by Citizen TV and it featured Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

By Daily Nation

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