US Launches $8 Million Project to Combat Tuberculosis in Urban Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – In a concerted effort to address the challenge of Tuberculosis (TB) in Ethiopia, the United States through its agency for International Development (USAID) has initiated a major $8 million project targeting several urban regions across the country.

Named the USAID Urban TB Local Organizations Network II Activity, the project aims to control and prevent TB and Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (DR-TB) in key areas including Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Shaggar City in the Oromia region, and Harari National Regional State.

Photo Courtesy/USAID

The launch ceremony, held at the Mekedonia Shelter for the Elderly on Wednesday and attended by dignitaries including USAID/Ethiopia Health Office Director Karen Koprince and Dr. Dereje Duguma, the State Minister of Health, underscored the project’s commitment to bolstering Ethiopia’s healthcare infrastructure.

According to USAID, the project aligns with global goals set forth in the United Nations High-Level Declaration to end TB by 2030.

Photo Courtesy/USAID

Key objectives include detecting 95 percent of TB and DR-TB cases, successfully treating the same percentage of detected patients, preventing TB transmission, and fortifying urban TB systems.

“This project signifies a significant milestone in our enduring partnership with Ethiopia,” said Karen Koprince, highlighting USAID’s six-decade presence in the country and a historical diplomatic relationship spanning 120 years.

“We are steadfast in our support to help Ethiopia eliminate TB.”

Implemented in collaboration with local entities such as REACH Ethiopia, Organic Health Services, and Yeshama Birhan, the project aims to extend comprehensive TB services to approximately six million people. It emphasizes tailored care for vulnerable groups including the elderly, individuals with diabetes, HIV patients, and those in high-risk settings like prisons and underserved urban areas.

The initiative reflects USAID’s strategy to localize efforts and empower local organizations, fostering sustainable healthcare solutions aimed at enhancing public health outcomes and strengthening Ethiopia’s healthcare system against TB.

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