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Uganda:Makerere lecturers suspend strike

Makerere University lecturers have suspended their sit down strike to pave way for the visiting committee appointed by president Museveni to perform its work.
In a meeting held today (Monday) at Makerere University, 81 lecturers under their umbrella body, Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA)voted for the suspension of the strike so as to allow the university to continue with its normal operation while 56 wanted the strike to continue and the university closed.
The lecturers in the meeting chaired by MUASA executive chairman Dr Muhammad Kiggundu also said the suspension of the strike would allow the university council to sort out any pending issues including clearance of their incentive arrears by February 2017.
“If they do not clear our incentive arrears by February 2017 as promised, we will resume the strike,” said Dr Kiggundu backed by the lecturers who attended the meeting.

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