EXPOSED:How Maina Kageni’s ‘Employee’ Has been Sodomizing Young Boys


A middle aged man identified as Peter Masika and is believed to be working at TRINC media which is partly owned by presenter Maina Kagen has shocked many with his s3xual hunger for young boys.

About 3 weeks ago Peter started luring a young boy to go have Sex with him via a whatsapp chat and believed to have been sending the boy money in the process.

The young boy who is in high school is said to be anaemic, according to medical records and Peter saw an opportunity to lure him as he has been doing with many other poor and desperate boys.

This recent expose which was brought to light by blogger and activist Robert Alai, shows that Peter picked the boy while he went for his regular medical check at Getrudes Muthaiga and took him to Muthaiga where he sodomized him.