Two pastors and a worshipper have been arrested on claims of assaulting a woman who refused to join their church.

Ms Christine Mueni said her husband George Makori and pastors Timothy Migwi and Maxwell Omari attacked her at Bethsaida Church, Dandora on August 24.

She said her husband slapped her while the pair bit her on the stomach and hand.

“When I said I didn’t want to join the church, my husband punched and kicked me while the pastors bit me,” Ms Mueni said, while showing a doctor’s letter.

Mr Makori, who had stitches on his right arm, and was being held at Kinyago Police post in Dandora, disputed the claims from his wife of seven years. He said she stabbed him in the arm twice.


“We have been having arguments. She threatened to kill me on Wednesday morning and went ahead to stab me,” he said.

Witnesses said the couple fought and that Mr Makori called his pastor after he had been stabbed and locked in a room by his wife.

Mr Samuel Mbatia, a bishop at Bethsaida church and the couple’s landlord, said he got a call from Mr Makori and sent the two pastors who Mueni later accused of biting her.

“I sent them to help him because he said he was dying. The pastors took him to hospital,” Bishop Mbatia said.
Ms Mueni denied assaulting her husband and said she had not seen him from August 24.

“I do not know where he got the stab wounds. In fact, I asked him at the police station what had injured him,” Ms Mueni said.