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Frustrated Uhuru scolds state officials on rampant corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta has scolded government officials over rampant corruption saying the situation is frustrating.

Uhuru told the accountability summit at State House in Nairobi that officials do not want to deal with the issue in courts and the judiciary.

“Corruption is frustrating me. The pressure is on me to do something about corruption but my hands are tied,” he said on Tuesday.

“Tell me… Which administration has dealt with the issue of corruption like my administration since independence?”

The President said it was not he, but the people he was addressing, who harbour corruption.

He said graft has turned into a political circus and that those charged with fighting it say they do have resources.

He dismissed their complaint saying he has given all the resources needed and taken actions based on the constitution, including firing even those who insist they are innocent.

“Are we being serious or you are just joking with Kenyan? I have removed everybody who has ever been named on corruption. I have done my part,” he said.

“The rule of law means the guilty should pay the price. Do you want me to set up an execution squad at Uhuru Park to fire people?”

Uhuru noted it is in every Kenyan’s interest for progress to be made and solutions found, to problems laid bare.

He described the rhetoric of ongoing investigations as “nonsense” saying whoever is responsible for corruption, even if is IG Joseph Boinnet, should be prosecuted.

“I have done my part at great political expense also,” he said, exclaiming in his mother tongue at one point.

“What do you want me to do? We have the Auditor General speaking of the issue of Eurobond… I cannot sack you… If the money was stolen say it as it is,” he said.

Last year, the President declared corruption “a national security threat” and urged the DPP, the EACC, judiciary, Parliament, the private sector and all Kenyans to “rally around the path of transformation”.

He further urged religious leaders to “declare corruption a sin against God and humanity” and help fight in the fight against it.

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