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Kenyans have lost Ksh1 trillion to corruption under Jubilee – Muthama

CORD Management Committee Co-chair Senator Johnston Muthama now claims that taxpayers might have lost over Ksh1 trillion in several scandals that have rocked the Jubilee administration since they took power in 2013.

Speaking on Sunday at his office in Gigiri Nairobi on Saturday, Senator Muthama pointed out the various points of loss of funds alleging that Ksh1.6 billion was lost in NSSF non-existence shares, Ksh370 billion was given as compensation to non-existent land owners, alongside the Ksh5 billion allegedly lost in the Health Ministry scam, among others.

“This theft of over Ksh5 billion at the Health Ministry and the nonexistent shares of Ksh1.6 billion at NSSF are the latest in a long list of scandals,” said Muthama.

In a list seen by Citizen Digital, the Machakos Senator further alleged that another Ksh15 billion was given to Safaricom limited for a security project that never took off, a project he further claims was of no use to Kenyans.

Muthama further alleged that Ksh3.8 billion was lost at the Interior Ministry, with Ksh67 billion unaccounted for at the National Treasury.

“This brings to a total of Ksh1,009.81 trillion. A whole year’s budget is in Jubilee’s leadership pockets,” Said Muthama

The Minority Chief Whip at the Senate now says the CORD coalition will soon organise countrywide demonstrations in protest of the outright theft of public funds.

“Kenyans have been left with no one to defend them. We will sit on all roads in this country. We will not sit and wait to be told the country is bigger than an individual, yet the individual is languishing in poverty.”

He has also criticized President Kenyatta for claiming that his efforts to fight corruption are being frustrated, saying he cannot pretend not to know what’s happening at his doorstep.

“One of them grew up lacking nothing; therefore he cannot believe the looting is going on. He is totally blind to it, that’s why even his close relatives are involved,” said the senator.

This comes just a day after the EACC alongside the Ministry of Health set up special teams to probe the alleged loss of Ksh5 billion, money that was meant for patients, the free maternity programme and new born babies.

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