OPINION: ‘Modern’ Education vs The African Child

A minimum of one hundred years have elapsed before we woke-up to the crime that was perpetrated by foreign entities for their own long-range benefits at the expense of Africans

By R. Dachuben

07 Nov 2016 Re: “Uganda is shutting down 63 schools backed by Zuckerberg and Gates” by Alleastafrica and Business Day, Nov 6, 2016


First, and foremost, should be commended for the publication of a Report on the most important subject matter affecting the African People of the entire African Continent and beyond.

It is an amazing Report, even though amazingly so late in its issuance. The subject matter being the nucleus of the African problem, purported by foreign interest, should have been the center-piece of interest to the “modern” educated Africans a long time ago.

A minimum of one hundred years have elapsed before we woke-up to the crime that was perpetrated by foreign entities for their own long-range benefits at the expense of Africans. It was called colonialism. It has now shaded its crude and cruel name with a refined camouflage of respectable sounding terms such as “humanity”. In a crude (but real) terminology, however, it is called ‘crocodile tears’.

And so, at last, we now have African reaction through “Uganda’s High Court [which] ordered the closure of more than 60 primary schools run by a U.S. education company backed by Microsoft chief executive Bill Gates and Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg.” The High Court’s decision is effective “immediately” in the “middle of the school year”

II Summary of the Report:

  1. a) Company: A “private enterprise” called “Bridge International”
    b) Owners: “high profile investors” such as the above mentioned with their respective wives.
    c) Property: “400 hundred nurseries and primary schools across Africa”
    d) Business aim: “ to educate 10 million children by 2025 In Uganda alone, It runs 63 for-profit schools and nurseries, attended by fee-paying students”
    e) Methodology of teaching: “technological innovations – such as e-readers or teacher computers, which come pre-loaded with lesson plans”. Observe, no inter-communication between students and teachers; nor any form of debate or meaningful questions and answers that would satisfy the curiosity of the students. In general, the African Child is denied to have ‘meaningful education’.

III. Observation by a report of global trade union Education International:

Quote “a September report [by the above organization] found that Bridge International schools in Uganda were failing to uphold the national curriculum, using under-qualified teachers and that the schools’ facilities were inadequate. The report found that Bridge International’s “profit-driven, cost-cutting, standardized and internet-based approach to education delivery involves a number of critical shortcomings.” Unquote

  1. Discussion
    The so-called “modern” education in Africa was never instituted to exclusively and intently develop the analytical mind of the African Child. The African Child has NEVER been at the nucleus of ‘modern’ education system in the Continent. At its best, the academic institution only succeeded in making ‘a product of mimickers’ from elementary school to university – all attentive for passing grade and the eventual ’13 X 15 inch paper’ designated as “Degree”. And that is the culmination of hypnotized ambition and pride of the ‘African Child’ of yesterday and today.

This may sound strange! However, if we just be honest to ourselves for a moment, colonialism was never meant to educate the African people but only to make them a bridge for themselves to the natural richness of Africa. And so, the rationale goes in the minds of the invaders that a fourth-grade education was more than enough for the backward people of Africa in the menial service to the colonial masters. The evil intention of the invaders was always at the expense of the good people of Africa – constantly tooting and hammering in various media the inferiority of the African (1).

In a sophisticated era of the 21st Century the evil game of the ‘marauders’ in the last Century was crude and savage. We now have a refined system that seems to appear as benevolent for the benefit of the unfortunate and backward African Child. Thus, QUOTE, “technological innovations – such as e-readers or teacher computers, which come pre-loaded with lesson plans” UNQUOTE becomes sophisticated tools to throw off the ‘African Child’. The African Child is never allowed to develop his/her analytical mind, because the ultimate objective of the 21st Century “colonialism” is to make the maximum profit out of the African Continent at the expense of the African people. If African Scholars are offended and disagree with this humble assessment, the field is wide open for them to prove it otherwise and teach us all >>> tantrum has never been a solution.

  1. The Ugandan Government’s Action
    Let us be honest again and question, this time, the initiative of the Ministry of Education below the surface with respect to the accusation of “inadequate” education. In this context, the Ugandan High Court should be commended for what appears to be a fair arbiter which questions the action of the Government.

As Africans, we should always question the acts of our own Governments without being emotional. Are we seeing a new Uganda as a model for NEW Africa? In any case, we have a lot of why’s to ask before we become comfortable that the motive of the Government is indeed for the benefit of the African Child. It is our natural Right to question the motives of our own governments – especially the self-appointed governments >>> the cancer of Africa.

  1. Conclusion
    Once again, heart-felt THANKS goes to http://www.alleastafrica.comfor the gem of an Article and hope that this paramount subject matter is kept alive in all its shapes and forms as the only solution to the African problem. While at it, let us also wish that the dream of having Historical Assembly of some fifty-four (54) African academicians of the highest order of educational level mentioned in my previous Article (2) will materialize in the not-distant future. It is possible – and a must, if we ever hope to have a glimpse of FREE AFRICA from east to west, south to north and be PROUD AFRICANS around the Globe.

(1) The Hollywood Movies of yesteryears have done deliberate extraordinary psychological damage upon the African Race. In short, it was insidious historical CRIME perpetrated by Hollywood upon the entire African Race. It is historical fact that cannot be denied. And it continues to this day via sophisticated maneuverings.
(2) “The Fate of Africa” , 5 Nov.2012

R. Dachuben is a regular contributor of Alleastafrica and writer.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Alleastafrica Media.

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