UNHCR, UNICEF join hands on refugees response in Ethiopia

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) have agreed to enhance their partnership in responding to needs of refugees and host communities in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia currently hosts more than half-a-million refugees most of whom are children under 18.

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According to reports, Ethiopia had seen a new influx of South Sudanese refugees fleeing renewed violence and food shortage.

Representatives of UNHCR and UNICEF on Friday, signed the agreement that outlines key areas of collaboration in child protection, education, health and nutrition, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

The agreement will end in August 2020.

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r.dachuben Nov 21, 2016 at 4:26 am

Subject: “UNHCR, UNICEF join hands on refugees’ response in Ethiopia,” Nov 20, 2016

Dear Africans,
Will there ever be an END to this? Are we condemned to such existence by some mysterious insidious ‘natural force’ to be our own enemies? Or is there a mysterious outside force against the very existence of the AFRICAN? When rational answer eludes us for centuries, one tends to be irrational in search for a hidden cause. When a nation fights for decades to be ‘liberated’ from conceived enemies and then finds itself liquidating itself; or when running away from itself in search of a sanctuary in the country of the ‘enemy’ of yesterday; or when finding itself liquidating itself based on ‘fraternal’(!) enmity simply because of pigmentation; or when constantly fighting for the sake of fighting even if sociological reality is the same and one; even if …if…. If…. there seems to be no end to it…………

In all these bizarre phenomena, what did OAU, and subsequently AU, and, above all, the African Intellectuals of the highest educational caliber in the world did to save Africa from itself? Let us be honest: NOTHING!

And so, international organizations [unconsciously?] will always come to dig the grave a little bit deeper by making the African people perpetually dependent upon others for “protection, education, health and nutrition, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene”.
How low can Africa descend into than that?

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