OPINION: The Tragedy of “South Sudan”

by Razen Dachuben
It is synonymous with the tragedy of Africa.  It must be a contagious disease afflicting our Dear Africa. Where did we go wrong?  Or spiritually, where did we fail God or Allah; and what sin have we done to merit this seemingly perpetual, contagious, unknown disease? Let us come down to earth
The news of “South Sudan” is disheartening. The people of “South Sudan” have gone through half a century of upheaval to get to their destination, at horrendous price in human lives – and yet they are still struggling and killing each other to get to the unknown mysterious destination. Like Mother Africa, “South Sudan” too does not know where it is heading. Perhaps the mysterious search is in the finding of a TRUE NAME for the people, instead of being called after geographical coordinate! Laugh at me!   But who really knows? Imagine the neighbouring Ugandans being called  ‘South-“South Sudan”’!!!!  After the laughter, for sure we may surmise that the loss of identity has a way of making people berserk!  Within that strange atmosphere, killing each other won’t make them find their identities. In that madness, let us ask a pertinent question i.e. who are the leaders of the people of “South Sudan”; who are enticing and guiding the good innocent people to kill each other in frenzy? I saw a family of “South Sudan” and I cannot imagine, for the life of me, that the family that I see can be so savage to kill their Brothers and Sisters! That applies to the entire African population under different guidance of their respective Satan. Let me stop here before I turn into a preacher 
Going back to “South Sudan”, the self-appointed, self-taught, and shrewd schemer President of the country is from Dinka tribe and his Vice-President (Ph D Scholar) is from Nuer Tribe.  The two honorable selfless gallants didn’t get along when it comes to dividing the richness of the new found land. One was crafty and powerful than the other who run away to save his life, in search of a sanctuary, leaving his hypnotised followers to take care of themselves.  And sure enough, they scramble (at any risk)  to find means and ways of abandoning the land of their ancestors. The people of “South Sudan” are not different than the people of Africa in totality, without exception. Back to square one of the African Puzzle, without an answer
The UN as a mediator
The good old UN with its artificial  definition of its function, responsibility, authority, sends its representative UNMISS [United Nations Mission in South Sudan] to pretend sorting  out a complex problem, under the guidance of a Kenyan General as Head of the  Mission. The Mission failed; the General was fired; the Government of Kenya acted vey angrily; the Human Right Watch (HRW) earned its expensive prize by issuing a Report of a few thousand words; the show came to an end; the curtain came down to a  close; and finally the spectators went home in search for their daily bread.
Need less to say, the over all sacrifice falls upon the shoulders of the faithful people of “South Sudan” The following bare quotations are worth copying:
“millions are either facing starvation in the country or have fled”.
at least 4.6 million people across the country are facing hunger”
 “the conflict has now spilled into the Equatorial region, considered one of South Sudan’s breadbaskets.”
It is the epitaph of ‘Our Beloved Africa’ – written, crafted and erected on the grave by organization of African unity, established by African Leaders, witnessed and solemnly agreed by highly educated African scholars — vintage of Ivy League Western Universities. AMEN!
 Reference: News Item “South Sudan rebels deny leader Riek Machar arrested in Ethiopia and deported back to South Africa, Nov 23, 2016”
Razen Dachuben is a regular Alleastafrica contributor, political analyst and pan-Africanist.

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