Tanzania: Six Drug Dealers Convicted, Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

SIX people, including four foreigners, have been convicted of illicit drug dealings here and condemned to life imprisonment.

The deterrent punishment comes amid intensified fight against the uses and dealings of the outlawed drugs in the country and the world over.

Moshi Zone High Court Deputy Registrar Bernard Mpepo said here over the weekend that the convicts had their charges decided in various cases. In one case, the Republic filed against a Nigerian born Italian, Vivian Edigin, who was accused of drug trafficking.

She was convicted and sentenced to life in jail. Another drug trafficking case involved three accused but the court set free two for lack of evidence while convicting and sentencing to life imprisonment a Tanzanian, Ramadhani Mgonja.

“The Court always ensures that justice is served… another case that we had involved the Republic against Slahi Maulidi Jumanne who was also convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment,” said the Registrar. Other people who were convicted of the same offences include a Kenyan, Josephine Mumbi Waithera, a Togolese Josiani Dede Creppy and a Nigerian, Joachim Ikechukwu Ike. A Tanzanian, Sofia Seif Kingazi, was sentenced to a 20-year jail term

.The court dismissed the case against Salim Mohamed Salim, according to Act No. 91 that provides for acquittal, re-arrest and arraignment of accused. He said the Republic has already brought back the case whose trial is going on.

Mr Mpepo said currently there are six pending cases in connection with illicit drugs, promising that the judgments may be pronounced by next month. Drug trafficking is a global illicit trade that involves cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws.

Drugs come in three basic forms; raw plant like cannabis or mushrooms, refined plant like heroin or cocaine or synthetic like ecstasy or amphetamine. Plant-based drugs like heroin and cocaine tend to be produced in the areas where the opium and/or coca leaves grow because the plants need special conditions.

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