Somalia’s new president appoints prime minister

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has appointed a political newcomer as the prime minister just before he departed to Saudi Arabia for his first foreign trip since he was inaugurated.

Somali-born Norwegian national Hassan Ali Khaire, the former executive Africa of the British energy explorer Soma Oil, was appointed as the new prime minister Thursday morning.

Mohamed, who was inaugurated as president on Wednesday, also holds U.S. citizenship. He was elected earlier this month in a step toward establishing Somalia’s first fully functioning central government in a quarter-century.


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rezen Feb 24, 2017 at 4:54 am

Subject: “Somalia’s new president appoints prime minister, Feb. 23, 2017”

Commentary, 23 Feb 2017
Congratulations is in order to the newly appointed Mr Hassan Ali Khaire as Prime Minister of Somalia. I had already expressed the same feeling ( when Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed [“Formaggio”] was elected by the Somali People.

Now to my commentary. My commentary is based on GUT FEELING that Somalia — at long last, after colossal waste and loss of human resources and time — is about to make a right angle direction to a peaceful and conscious turn that only cohesive people would align themselves onto. It is my honest FEELING that both the newly elected President and the appointed Prime Minister would work in harmony with the Somali people – not as bureaucratic bosses but as chosen compatriots who would use their acquired knowledge and experience to forge a healthy road to sanity. The Somali people had enough of upheaval and suffering that they do not deserve.

Scholars may try to explain (in their own stratospheric ‘language’) why Somalia has gone into such a turmoil, seemingly for time immemorial, without practical result that the people could understand and appreciate. And so, it is not derogatory to say, Africa would NOT expect meaningful and practical dissertation to come out from its Intellectual Sons and Daughters of the highest strata! Instead, let me narrate (for a smile) about a Somali acquaintance who has extraordinary sense of perception in sociological affairs with amazing insightful sense of humour.
The first time I met him, in our lengthy conversation, he told me a reason why WE ALL are what we are! He started his analysis by saying: “We can’t help it”! Because, it has to do with the three S’s !!!!! What?!?! I reacted. He explained, with a smile on his face. You see, my friend, it is not our fault, he declared! We cannot help it. It has to do with the three S’s, >>>Sugar, Salt, and Spices!!! The effect of excessive intake of these ingredients would make us volatile, hyper, emotional and restless. Thus, we react to all problems that we face with proportional effect of the three S’s in our SYSTEM. And he had that notorious dazzling smile on his face, typical of a Somali. Ever since, our salutation from a distance became the raising of our three fingers (exactly like boy-scouts )!!! I haven’t seen him for a while; I hope he is alright.

To end my commentary, I sincerely wish Good Luck to the newly elected and appointed President and Prime Minster respectively on their new historical voyage to SERVE – NOT TO DICTATE — their people, and perhaps — along the way — be an example to others in Africa. It is possible; the probability we can debate.
(1). By the way, the legendary of coffee is also attributed to the observation made by a goat herder boy who noticed that his goats become HYPER every time they ate ‘strange beans and leaves’!

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