Thomas Cirilo forms rebel movement to fight Salva Kiir

Former South Sudan Army deputy chief of general staff in charge of logistics Lt. Gen Thomas Cirilo (left). He has launched a rebel movement. FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP.

The South Sudan peace process has been thrown into disarray following the launch of a new rebel movement by former deputy army chief.

General Thomas Cirilo Monday launched the National Salvation Front (NSF), declaring himself the leader of the faction.


A statement extended to the media in Juba listed land grabbing, rampant corruption, tribalism and the general suffering of the civilians as key reasons for NSF’s bid to dislodge President Salva Kiir militarily.

Gen Cirilo cut ties with President Kiir after resigning from military service two months ago.

He said his movement was purely seeking regime change in South Sudan so as to effect political and socio-economic transformation.

The new rebel chief vowed to rally the people across the country behind his movement to depose President Kiir, who he accused of implementing a tribal agenda.


“Correcting numerous mistakes is an enormous task that requires the participation of all citizens,” the NSF statement said.

However, Juba Mayor Stephen Michael Wani was quoted by the Dawn daily newspaper quashing fears that the Gen Cirilo rebellion could spark serious unrest.

“The people of Equatoria are far too mature to jump on the bandwagon of one man’s rebellion,” Mr Wani was quoted sayia

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  1. It is a cliche’ to say that ambitious indigenous African dictators push and pull among themselves for power and richness. And the innocent population, eternally destined to be poor, pay the price for the push and pull of the smart-aleck robbers. THERE MUST BE JUSTICE SOMEWHERE — if there is super-natural ARBITER up in heaven!!!

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